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How to Stay Safe While Using Wi-Fi

9 Februar 2017

Public Wi-Fi networks, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, airport and etc. are not as safe as you think. Even if they have a password, you are sharing a network with tens of other people. It means your data is at risk. It’s very easy for someone who wants to steal your data to set up a network called "Free Wi-Fi" to make you think it’s a legitimate source.

If you want to keep your information and files secure, take a look at these major tips for protecting yourself

One of the best VPN solutions is Trust.Zone VPN service provider.

Trust.Zone VPN hides your real IP address, secures and encrypts your internet connection. It guarantees your anonymity while browsing over the Internet.

Trust.Zone VPN offers free and paid subscriptions, which start from 3-5 USD a month.

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