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6 Februar 2019
Canada to Block VPN?

According to new documents recently released by Canadian government, emerging issues may include targeting the use of virtual private networks and website blocking. The document identifies a few issues, each likely to be exceptionally controversial. One of the issues involves the use of VPN for copyright infringing purposes. VPNs are widely used in corporate environments to ensure secure and safe communications and by a growing number of Internet users seeking technological tools to better protect their privacy online. The same technologies can be used to hide copyright infringing activity, however.

Many Canadian users noticed that asking to ban legal technologies because they can be used illegally is ridiculous! weiterlesen...

1 November 2016
How to Overcome VPN Blocking in China

VPN blocking is a technique to block the secured tunneling communications methods used by VPN. This technique is used by big companies, government agencies or ISPs. Recently, many VPN services warned of ‘increased censorship” in China.  China is doing its best to make sure its workers cannot use VPNs to bypass Great Firewall of China. weiterlesen...

20 Februar 2016
#UgandaDecides: 520,000+ New Downloads of Trust.Zone VPN from Uganda and Still Grows

As you know, Ugandans started using VPN to open social networks Facebook and Twitter, chat services - Whatsap and other online services after access to social networks was shut down on election day on 18 February across the nation "for security reasons", according to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

Today internet users in Uganda noticed that Ugandan authorities started blocking VPN services in Uganda. In spite of the fact that VPN is legal - according to law. Fortunately, Trust.Zone VPN service has implemented the unique technology which is more secured than OpenVPN and can't be blocked by Uganda. weiterlesen...

9 April 2015
Can't connect to VPN? What's a VPN blocking?

VPN blocking is a technique to block the secured tunneling communications methods used by VPN.  This technique is used by big companies or network administrators. For example, the China tries to block all VPNs in the country by using The Gread Firewall of China. weiterlesen...



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