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How to Create VPN Connection for iOS on iPad with OpenVPN

Aşama 1

Install the "OpenVPN Connect" application from the AppStore.

Aşama 2

Download OpenVPN configuration file (.ovpn) and Certificate file (.cer)

OpenVPN configuration file:  GİZLİ. Giriş veya görmek için kaydolun.
Certificate file (.cer): GİZLİ. Giriş veya görmek için kaydolun.

Open iTunes on your computer, connect your iPad, tap iPad icon on top, tap on "Apps" and select "OpenVPN" app.

Drag-and-drop .ovpn and .cer files from downloads directory to "OpenVPN Documents".

Trust.Zone-VPN.cer Trust.Zone-VPN.ovpn

Aşama 3

Run "OpenVPN Connect" app, tap green icon with "+" sign right side of Trust.Zone profile name in order to import configuration you just copied.

Aşama 4

Enter your Trust.Zone's VPN login credentials, toggle "Save" switch if you want to app to remember your credentials.

Your User ID: GİZLİ. Giriş veya görmek için kaydolun.
Your Password: GİZLİ. Giriş veya görmek için kaydolun.

Tap "Connection" switch in order to init connection to Trust.Zone VPN.

Aşama 5

You will see connection status during connection process.

Aşama 6

If connection has been successfully established, "Status" will shown as "Connected".

You can manage your VPN connection with the "OpenVPN Connect" app.

Connection check

Open Trust.Zone Main page or reload it if it is already open in order to check if your connection with Trust.Zone VPN is established correctly.
You can also visit our Connection Check Page.

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