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Setup VPN. Step 4. Ubuntu. L2TP/IPSec. Israel.

Instructions for configuring VPN connection

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Connection wizard

Step 1

Press alt-f2 and type `x-terminal-emulator` then press enter

Step 2

terminal emulator(console) will open

in order to install needed software please run these commands in console
user@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install openswan xl2tpd l2tp-ipsec-vpn dconf-editor

Step 3

`sudo` will ask you for your password, so enter it and enter 'y' when apt-get will ask you "Do you want to install continue? [Y/n]"
After software installation we need to change some configuration in order to allow applet to display in systray. Run this command:
user@ubuntu:~$ gsettings set com.canonical.unity-gtk-module whitelist "['all']"

Step 1

Restart Ubuntu. After Ubuntu restarts you will see new icon in systray. Click on it and create a new connection.
Click tray icon then "Edit connections..."

Step 5

Ubuntu will ask you for password in order to get root priveleges, so enter it

Step 6

Connection manager will appear.

Click "Add" button.

Step 7

Enter connection name "Trust.Zone-Israel-Netflix" then click "OK".


Step 8

Click "Edit" in order to configure Connection Settings.


Step 9

Set IPSec Connection Settings.

Remote Server and Server Identity: il-nfx.trust.zone
Pre-shared Key: trustzone

Trust.Zone-Israel-Netflix il-nfx.trust.zone il-nfx.trust.zone trustzone

Step 10

Then switch to "PPP" tab, click "Allow these protocols" check "Unencrypted password (PAP)"and put your VPN login credentials.

User name: HIDDEN. Log in or Sign up to see.
Password: HIDDEN. Log in or Sign up to see.


Step 11

Click "OK" then "Close" to close dialogs.

Now you can click icon in systray and connect VPN connection you just created by clicking it's name


Step 12

You should get such message when your Ubuntu connects to VPN


Connection check

Open Trust.Zone Main page or reload it if it is already open in order to check if your connection with Trust.Zone VPN is established correctly.
You can also visit our Connection Check Page.

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