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You Can Now Connect More than 3 Devices to Trust.Zone VPN

16 Dec 2018

Great news for our customers. You can now connect more than 3 devices to Trust.Zone VPN!

Trust.Zone announces a new extra feature - 3 Additional Simultaneous Connections. With that feature you increase a number of connected devices to Trust.Zone VPN. No need to buy extra subscription, just order additional connections and save up to 53%. 3 extra similtaneous connections price starts from $1.91/mo.

What's Additional Connection?

By default, you are able to use up to 3 similateneous connections at the same time. In other words, you can connect up to 3 devices to Trust.Zone VPN at the same time.

With a new extra feature, you are able to order 3 extra connections and many more! Each 3 extra connections price starts from $1.99.  You can also order 6, 9, 12 extra connections and more.

How to purchase addititonal connections??

If you have a current subscription, go to subscriptions page (please, log in first). Choose active subscription and click Add additional 3 simultaneous connections.

If you are a new customer, go to the following page.

Any discounts?

Is there any discount if I purchase extra 3 similataneous connections for a long period of time?

Of course! If you are purchasing 3 extra connections for 1 YEAR, you save 53%. ($1.91/mo). With 3 months you save 30% ($2.83/mo)

Winter DEAL: Save up to 70% for 3 extra connections with a PROMO CODE  "2YEARSOFF"

Apply here. It's limited time offer. Valid till January 12.

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You Can Now Connect More than 3 Devices to Trust.Zone VPNYou Can Now Connect More than 3 Devices to Trust.Zone VPN


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