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Internet User Received 44 Letters from ISP for One Download

6 August 2018

According to the rules in the US and Canada, Comcast forwards copyright infringement notices to subscribers who have allegedly downloaded torrents. These DMCA notices list the title, IP-address, and other download details. They are also accompanied by a stark warning notifying the subscriber of a possible account termination

The subscriber, who posted his story on Reddit, was sent 44 letters for one and the same torrent. The Spongebob Season 8 torrent was downloaded by his brother and is apparently well tracked. Usually, alleged downloaders only receive one letter per offence, but one Comcast subscriber received a whole stack in the mail this week.

According to Reddit's user story:

“So, my brother pirated some torrent for season 8 of spongebob squarepants like a week or two ago. Then a couple days ago in the mail, I get 36 letters in the mail all basically the same thing, informing me of a copyright infringement with a torrent of spongebob season 8. So now, 2 days later, they sent ANOTHER 8 letters for the same exact torrent lol. So that's 44 letters total, for a single torrent, in only a couple of days. I don't have a picture of the original 36 since I just kind of laughed and threw them away, but this time I took a picture of the 8 they sent: http://i.imgur.com/jng0jcb.png

To prevent their IP-addresses from being tracked, thousands of people have signed up to a VPN service. Using a VPN allows users to use the Internet anonymously and prevent your ISP from monitoring your online activity on the web. The best VPN services don’t log any traffic nor session data of any kind.