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VPN Setup Guide for iOS13 with L2TP/IPSec

Step 1

Open "Settings" at home screen.

Step 2

Tap "VPN".

Step 3

Tap "Add VPN Configuration...".

Step 4

Fill form with values shown below. Turn "Send All Traffic" toggle on.

Description: Trust.Zone-VPN
Server: vpn.trust.zone
Account: HIDDEN. Log in or Sign up to see.
Password: HIDDEN. Log in or Sign up to see.
Secret: trustzone

Finally tap "Save".

Trust.Zone-VPN vpn.trust.zone trustzone

Step 5

Tap connect button in order to start VPN connection.


Step 6

You will see "Connecting..." text while your iOS is connecting to VPN server.


Step 7

If connection has been successfully established, you will see status "Connected". You can manage your VPN connection in the "Settings" in "General" tab.


Connection check

Open Trust.Zone Main page or reload it if it is already open in order to check if your connection with Trust.Zone VPN is established correctly.
You can also visit our Connection Check Page.

Your IP: x.x.x.x · France · You are in TRUST.ZONE now! Your real location is hidden!

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